Does UK1P Support Leaving the EU?

No, we don’t support leaving the EU. We also don’t support replacing smartphones with shouting, trading in cars for horses, or replacing world atlases with signs around the English coast saying “WARNING: DRAGONS AHEAD.” You’ll notice that every other country in the world is trying to either join its neighbours or eat them entirely, on the ground that bigger units survive better.

Ideally we’d like the UK to fully integrate with the EU, and then for everyone else to leave the EU, so that just one person had everything. We’re just taking the restriction of resources to a favoured elite to its logical conclusion.

Failing that, if we do have to leave the EU, we’d like to take that attitude to its ultimate conclusion and leave the Earth entirely. In which case we wouldn’t just be in favor of refusing immigrants, but of actively ejecting emigrants. We calculate that launching one emigrant per second at sufficient velocity will be able to boost an entire empty United Kingdom into low Earth orbit by 2017. Though it might be a bit less united once we reach orbital velocity with all the little island bits flying off into space. Still, I think the Isle of Man might like it on the Moon. And maybe the vacuum of deep space will stop everyone shouting so much.

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