Do you support the pound?

Listen, we’ve got more serious problems than the flavor of our money. The amount for one thing. Anybody arguing about keeping coins a certain shape doesn’t seem to know what they’re for. Give them something shiny so they can go play with the rest of the magpies while we get on with fixing things

We don’t even use the pound for weight any more and we invented that. We’d rather buy a kilo of sugar than have to sit down in the shop because we’re using our feet to measure things and converting from half-tuns to groat-fathoms.

With only one person in the country we’re going to have order a lot of stuff in. I mean, the balance of trade statement is going to be an Amazon receipt, so we need to join all the countries in the rest of the world. Er, without killing them in the process. This time. Honestly, if the worst that happens is we get brightly colored banknotes instead of every other country queueing up to take turns at stabbing us, I’m going to say we got off lightly.

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