What is UK1P’s Defence Policy?

Well, Britain’s defense policy has always been the nuclear deterrent. And the only thing that could be more deterring than an ex-Empire mentality playing with four nuclear-ballistic-launch capable nuclear submarines is one person playing around with four nuclear-ballistic-launch capable nuclear submarines. Of course, we won’t be able to crew them any more.

My first act in parliament will be to get the departing sailors to haul the HMS Vengeance into London and park it on its nose beside Nelson’s column. I mean, just having the things means telling everyone we’re prepared to obliterate millions of them in pointless nuclear fire at a moment’s notice. It’s not like they could defend anything, once we start nuking the UK will be a million meters of glass runway. May as well use one of the stupid subs to show we’re willing to share that situation. Of course, it’ll only kill one person now. And even then only if I’m crashing in Buckingham Palace at the time.

One thought on “What is UK1P’s Defence Policy?

  1. Luke, we warmly welcome you to our little archipelago but, please, learn the lingo, the country’s rapidly being taken over by Americanisms (caught one of my favourite blogs using ‘reached out’ for ‘contact’ yesterday, I was sick in my mouth).

    Besides, you’re not even a Yank – surely you know Ireland was part of the UK until 1922…? Technically, you’re as British as, erm, tepid beer and soggy chips.

    Practice is a noun

    This is all slightly ironic , coming from a Paddy, Ireland took the feckin’ Euro!


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